Farmersville Elementary School


Our days with your children will go fast and we would like to make their experience full of challenges and successes.  We hope that you find our school a place of enrichment, warmth, and consistency.  Please dive in with helping the PTA, the school, and the classroom teachers.  Our team becomes stronger as we include those who are able to give a little of their time and positive energy to our school.  Thank you!


To our Farmersville Friends and Family....


Specialists and Support Staff: 
Academic Intervention 
Mr. Jim Hunt
 Mrs. Audrey Stimeare
Physical Education 
Mr. Matthew Omdahl 
Mrs. Julie Mueller
Vocal Music
Miss Wendy Borst
Gifted (Pegasus)
Ms. Brenda Lamarca
Mrs. Annette Zito
Ms. Anne Galganovicz
Mrs. Anne Christiansen
Mrs. Amy Santanasto
Mrs. Diane

Specialists and Support Staff:

Learning Support

Mrs. Shanna Brad

Mrs. Megan Morgan


Mrs. Audrey Davis

Nurse and  Associate Nurse

Mrs. Janet Valvik

Mrs. Rita Zasik

Instrumental Music

Mr. Morrow



Dr. Kelly Lawrence

Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Ellen Buck

Hearing Support

Sheila MacLean

Support Staff and IU20 Staff:

Childcare Supervisors:

Ms. Christine Thomas

Childcare Personnel

Mrs. Joan Werkheiser

Mayra Velez

Cindy Nieves

Sarah Molinaro

Kimberly Mills

Joan Dwyer

Head Custodian

Mr. Dennis Wilson


Mr. Josh Wilson

Ms. Margaret Kavanagh

Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Edith Aligo

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Cathleen Borso

Mrs. Catharine Farrell

Mrs. Melissa Lastres

Mrs. Joan Werkheiser

IU Teacher

Ms. Janine Page

IU Partial Teacher

Mrs. Kimberly Sciortino

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